*** 891-DIGITAL Wide Area Repeater Cluster (Linked to D-STAR REF891C, XRF891C, DCS891C, Yaesu Fusion 48010, P25 31044, G3 and TGIF/FreeDMR TG:310441) Erie/Niagara Counties ***

A General Chat REF891AL *20A XRF891AL B20A DCS891AL D20A 4001 10
B Buffalo Area REF891BL *20B XRF891BL B20B DCS891BL D20B 4002 11
C Wide Area (Transcoded) REF891CL *20C XRF891CL B20C DCS891CL D20C 4003 12
D Lockport (LARA) REF891DL *20D XRF891DL B20D DCS891DL D20D 4004 13
E Tonawanda REF891EL *2005 XRF891EL B2005 DCS891EL D2005 4005 14
F Hamburg REF891FL *2006 XRF891FL B2006 DCS891FL D2006 4006 15
G Niagara Falls REF891GL *2007 XRF891GL B2007 DCS891GL D2007 4007 16

     Node ID
Node Name
Node Details
A 23cm Node Node A / 1.2Ghz Hotspot or other node
B 70cm Node Node B / 440 Mhz Hotspot or other node
C 2m Node Node C / 144 Mhz Hotspot or other node
D Dongle Node D / PC Dongle or other node
G Gateway Node G / Internet Gateway or other node
P Portable Node P / Portable Hotspot or other node
M Mobile Node M / Mobile Hotspot or other node
S Shack Node S / Shack Hotspot or other node
R Repeater Node R / Repeater or other node

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